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Web Applications

Grid and chart reporting suite

The brief was to design and develop functionality to allow users to dyamically build (and store) reports from a range of MySQL tables, and to render as either grids or charts.

My solution was a three-step process to setup report settings which were stored to the database against the user, and the report was then generated using the plugin libraries PlatinumGrid and Highcharts.

Wedding giftlist plugin

The engaged couple wanted their wedding list to be amounts of money towards their honeymoon trip in Western America.

I created a WordPress plugin to allow the couple to add gift items to their admin area where they could attach an amount, description and a Lat-Long. On the main site, guests were able to then select a gift item and submit a propsoed amount they were happy to pay for that item. This information was then emailed to the user with bank account details for payment. The couple could track who had bought what within the plugin admin area.